New PBCS feature – Drop-Down Menus on Rows

Our team noticed a new feature in the planning web the other day “Enable Drop-Down for Dimensions”. I jump on learning any new feature so I was instantly intrigued.

We searched but could not any any documentation on what this feature did or how to use it.

Then this week the latest version of Smart View was released and the read me file mentioned this new feature. So I took some time to try and figure out how it works and how to use it.

A couple of notes on this feature:

  • It is only available in the cloud
  • You need to have the latest version of Smart View installed
  • While you configure it in the web you can only use the functionality in Smart View


I put together this video for our team on how to use the feature.

This feature is going to be used on forms with suppression enabled and where users need the ability to write to members currently with no data. I think we all have workarounds for this situation today but its exciting to have a new tool in our toolbox. I am curious to see where this functionality goes and I would like to see it work on a form that has no data at all.