Drill from a cube that was loaded via a Data Map

Some times you just don’t want to load data twice!! I have a few clients that load Actual data in PBCS and EPBCS into a BSO cube and also utilize a reporting cube to aggregate all of their plans and actual data. Data Management (DM) can create a drill definition when it loads the data to Planning. The drill allows users to explore a balance in Planning and see any detail, mappings, or navigate to source data. Traditionally if you wanted to enable drill on the data, you would need to load the data from DM into each cube. For this blog I will be loading data through DM into the BSO cube and then transfer it to the ASO cube using a Data Map. When the data is transferred we will be able to drill from both data cubes to DM. The diagram below illustrates the desired data flow.

This video will demonstrate how do build a drill definition that will allow you to load the data once with DM and push it to a reporting cube.

Here is the URL I updated in the video. Remember I changed the following values:

  • attribute=app.ds.COOLAPP
    • This is the name of your application, where you loaded the BSO data.
  • attribute=database.ds.Plan
    • This is the name of the Essbase database where the original data was loaded through DM.

I hope this helps! If there are any questions or comments let me know.

3 thoughts on “Drill from a cube that was loaded via a Data Map

  1. Hi Anthony,
    Thank for the Informative post. I followed your steps,I am getting this error ‘Planning Cannot parse XML source’ when I try drill through from ASO Cube. Do you think any other issue with region setup.


  2. Hi Anthony,
    I am getting “planning cannot parse xml source” error when I run this. I changed drill region multiple times but no help. Even used same region as BSO.

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