I have been an EPM warrior for 20 plus years. I started in the trenches as a Hyperion Enterprise administrator and joined Hyperion as a consultant in 1999. I moved into technical support in 2001 and became the lead specialist for HFM and Hyperion Planning. While in support, I enjoyed seeing the products grow and gained a deep understanding on how they work. If you worked with HFM or Essbase from 2001-2008 and you had a hotline call you where either speaking to me, or the analyst may have been speaking to me. The hotline was a blast and while it was stressful at times I developed friendships that I still have today and I would never change a second of my time there.

My office at Hyperion. Headsets are cool….

I felt the need to move on and I joined The Hackett Group. I have worked on the infrastructure team, shifted into application consulting and am now the leader of the Cloud Practice.

Throughout my career I have always been know as the go to guy to resolve technical problems and to provide unique solutions. I like the thrill and challenge of this role and it has been an fun career. I have decided to share some of my thoughts on EPM with this blog. I may not always agree with the crowd, but I hope my opinion offers you a new way of looking at a problems and hopefully finding the right solutions for you and your clients.

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  1. Those were good days Ant!

    And they are not cricket bats… They are “Grab an Oar” awards that Hyperion used to give for those that helped a situation– You could say that Anthony has helped quite a few people, including myself. I still have a few oars hanging around in my basement somewhere… 🙂

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