How to Utilize Groovy to Create Rule Sets

The goal of this blog is to demonstrate how, in a Groovy rule, we can: Execute a calculation only on the changed cells Rollup the Financial Cube utilizing the OOB rollup rule Transfer the data to reporting cube using a Smart Push with overrides. Before I worked on this approach, I would use three different rules as part of a rule set, but this technique opens up your implementation toolkit to be able to do so much more.......

How to enter Direct Salary for New Hires

I hear that this feature is coming out soon from Oracle. However, I put together this video to show you how you can implement this in your workforce applications today. It's fairly simple, and it may trigger ideas for other customizations to your application. Below is the formula modification to Basic Salary that I discuss … Continue reading How to enter Direct Salary for New Hires

EPBCS ASO Level 0 Export

I was so excited the other day when I read this small yet so inviting tidbit in the EPBCS release notes for May: You can now use Calculation Manager to export and import level zero data from an ASO cube. I have been struggling with getting data out of ASO cubes in a usable format … Continue reading EPBCS ASO Level 0 Export