How to Utilize Groovy to Create Rule Sets

The goal of this blog is to demonstrate how, in a Groovy rule, we can: Execute a calculation only on the changed cells Rollup the Financial Cube utilizing the OOB rollup rule Transfer the data to reporting cube using a Smart Push with overrides. Before I worked on this approach, I would use three different rules as part of a rule set, but this technique opens up your implementation toolkit to be able to do so much more.......

EPBCS ASO Level 0 Export

I was so excited the other day when I read this small yet so inviting tidbit in the EPBCS release notes for May: You can now use Calculation Manager to export and import level zero data from an ASO cube. I have been struggling with getting data out of ASO cubes in a usable format … Continue reading EPBCS ASO Level 0 Export